In some instances it is possible to add a second layer over top of the first, original shingles.

Years ago, it was common practice to add a second or even third layer over the original shingles. Now, with new technological breakthroughs (better ice & water shield and new underlayments for added protection), it is more common to strip off the old shingles, even if it is only one layer. Our estimator, who will come to your home, will let you know if this is an option for your roof. Perhaps, if you are not staying in your present home for long, are soon to be putting a second storey on your home, or are just not in a financial position to take advantage of a complete new roof application, this roofover option might be right for you! These roofovers come with a full ten year warranty from the shingle company and our no-nonsense 10 year workmanship warranty.