Materials Used

We are pleased to feature Certainteed shingles and products. After much research we have decided that Certainteed offers the best warranty and best shingles in the business and really cares about their customers. Certainteed works with The Integrity Roofing System, which constitutes a 4-part system featuring 4 Certainteed products that work together, along with a properly ventilated house.

Not only do we use Certainteed products, but we use the best possible package of materials that Certainteed offers. For example we include:

  • Diamond Deck synthetic underlayment – the best underlayment that Certainteed has to offer – guaranteed for excellent water resistance for six months even without shingles over it!
  • Winterguard Ice & Water Guard – self sealing ice and water guard that self-seals around nails – stops water penetration from ice damning (build up of ice at bottom of roof due to freezing and thawing)
  • SwiftStart Starter Shingles – specialty shingles used at edge of roof & valleys etc. to start shingles – specifically designed to match up with Certainteed shingles for a superior seal
  • Shadowridge Hip and Ridge Accessory Shingles – specialty Hip/Ridge Shingle specifically designed to compliment Certainteed Designer shingles with their architectural (shadowed) style